About us

Ms. World encourages and empowers the women of today.  Providing each candidate the opportunity for personal growth, self-expression and development - through stage presence, public speaking and international travel opportunities we recognize women's strengths and accomplishments.  With integrity, strong moral values, and promoting intelligent women of today Ms. World provides unique opportunities for all women to achieve their goals.

We believe that a woman's value and beauty should not be defined on her relationship status or age. A beautiful 50 year old may not look the same as a beautiful 26 year old but both are equally beautiful for their respective ages. At Ms. World we celebrate the inner and outer beauty of all women!

Ms. World is a proud partner of The National Organization for Women’s Safety Awareness, Inc. (“NOWSA”), a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, raises awareness about sexual assault  and other violence against women and teens while promoting personal safety through education and various violence prevention and safety initiatives.  

The NOWSA  reaches out to individuals, civic and corporate partners, schools, colleges, universities, public safety departments and government agencies and encourages them to help promote the message that sexual assault and other violence against women and teens must not be tolerated.  The NOWSA asks them to become our “Voices for a Cause®”.     

“Be A  Voice”….and Help Keep All Women & Teens Safer!  


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