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The Ms. World Pageant system has both preliminary pageants and affiliate pageants.


A Preliminary Pageant is part of the Ms. World Pageant System. Winners in a preliminary pageant win a FREE entry fee to compete in the next level of competition. For Example, the winner of Ms. Washington World wins her entry into the Ms. US World Pageant. The winner of Ms. US World wins her entry into the Ms. World Pageant.

An Affiliate Pageant is a separate pageant system that is contracted to offer discounts to the Ms. World Pageant. For example, if you were to win the Crown of America Ms. Division you would be invited to represent Crown of America at Ms. World and you would receive $300 off of your entry fee to Ms. World.



Preliminary Pageants

Ms. US World                  November 14-16 2020- New Orleans, Louisiana

Affiliate Pageants

Crown of America          April 6-7 - Orlando, FL

Regal Majesty

America United

NW Royal Miss